Health and Safety

Worcester Cathedral Guild of Bellringer’s Health & Safety Manual

Below is the Health & Safety Manual for Worcester Cathedral Guild of Bellringers. This manual allows for the safe working within the bell tower of anyone either ringing or carrying out maintenance. If you are unsure at any time of the correct procedure, please contact the relevant person. Health & Safety is everyone’s responsibility, please ensure you are safe, and follow the correct procedure at all times.

01 Sprine V1.0

02 Folder Index V1.1 June 2018

Safety Policies

03 New_Safety_Policy SP01-09 V1.1 June2018

Working in the Bell Tower

04 Special_Permit_to_Work SP05 V1.1 June 2018

05 General_Permit_to_WorkSP06 V1.1 June 2018

06 New_Tower_Risk_Assesment04 V1.1 June 2018

07 WCGoB Risk Assesment blank sheet V1.1 June 2018


Contacts in an Emergency

08 Emergency Contact Sheet V1.1 June 2018

Safeguarding & Data Protection Protocols

09 List of children Under Care with WGofB V1.1 June 2018 blank

10 General Info Consent Form V1.1 June 2018

11 bellringing_safeguarding_protocols

12 DBS Checks Info V1.1 June 2018

12 Safeguarding Links V1.0 June 2018

13 Authorisation for use of personal information V1.1 June 2018

First Aid Information

14 First Aid Boxes V1.1 June 2018

15 First Aid Notice V1.1 June 2018

Fire Action

16 Fire Action V1.1 June 2018

17 Fire Escape Routes V1.1 June 2018

18 WBells Insurance Info May2018

Ringing & Teaching centre Maps

Insurance Information

18 WBells Insurance Info May2018