A Message from the Chairman of the Westley Group

“A message from the Chairman of the Westley Group

Dear Mark,

What a wonderful experience !

Many thanks indeed for looking after us so well last night – I was amazed at how sophisticated the whole set up is for training etc. at Worcester Cathedral – also the sheer scale of the Belfry.

The whole family loved it – please thank all of your colleagues too – who looked after us so well. Sharon was well impressed !

I am sorry we were not able to join you at the pub afterwards, in the end, we didn’t finish in the restaurant till 10 pm and Sharon was anxious to release the dogs back home……….

I look forward to keeping you posted as the new bell progresses – I have spoken with Nigel this morning – he did take the filings on Friday – they are being posted to us now – so that we can do a wet analysis and match the chemical composition precisely.

With kind regards,

Tom Westley”